Finding and staying in contact with like-minded homeschooling families has never been easier.  Our full-featured social network for homeschoolers, homemakers and parents provides the much needed access to information, resources, articles and yes — actual people in your area — from around the globe.   Features You Can Use to Get and Stay Connected […]

Events Management

Get organized and save time by using this full-featured Events Manager to submit, modify and delete events that your are organizing. This easy to use event management and registration tool is based on the principles of flexibility, reliability and powerful features!

Tools & Resources

Finding the best homeschooling resources can be overwhelming due to the wealth of free or low-cost and high-quality materials available.  Finding the time to wade through and evaluate it all can eat away at your precious time. Hope Center can help you simplify how you organize and manage your events, find and register for trips and […]


  There are many advantages to advertising your business, service or blog in an online directory.  It is an opportunity to enhance and build your client base.  It is even more important for people that cater to the global market, such as online business, since Online Community Directories are accessible to the world via the Internet.





Add a community events to the our online
searchable calendar quickly and easily.

Organize and promote your events online.

Find events and register for events online
in minutes.

Choose who can view your event details and
register for your events

Choose the privacy level for the events you
have added to the calendar.

View, edit or delete events you've added
on a your event management page.

View and reply to questions from people
who are interested in attending your event

Receive email notifications when someone
registers for your event.

Event organizers collect payments for their
own events.

Payments for each events go directly to
the event organizer.


Get connected to other like-minded
homeschoolers, homemakers and parents.

Manage your profile and notification settings.

View member directory and make social
connections our groups page.

Attend events listed in our calendar and
meet up with new families

Search the calendar for events in your area.

Locate groups in a new city or country when
moving to a location

Search our database to get answers on topics
of interest.

Share your experiences, advice and by posting
and replying to comments.

Add a topic, or submit a blog post of your own
on the Hope Center's website.


Increase your business' web presence by
adding your business contact information.

Receive emails from visitors who view your
business through our directory contact form.

Drive traffic to your website by adding events to
the calendar and providing your contact details.

Add a brief description about you and/or your
business in your member profile.

Submit a blog post -- your username and profile
description will appear at the bottom of your post.


Free Unlimited Event Postings for Members

Edit and Delete Events for Free for Members

Free Exclusive Access to Private Events Listings

1 Free Business Directory Listing

Use of Online Registration Forms for Free

Add New Groups and Topics to the Community
Board for Free

Free Exclusive Access to the Membership
Directory database

Interact with Other Member for Free

Free Access to our Online Support Network

Post Articles to the Hope Center Blog for Free



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Hope Center started with the idea that the homeschooling community could be connected. Homeschoolers that are in remote locations, or homeschooling abroad could remain connected to the people that understand their needs, their community, and speak their language.

We had a vision that homeschooling communities and co-ops could be established in many different city. And that the different networks could work together to ensure that when one family moves from a city to another, than they could quickly find a homeschooling network in their new city to continue homeschooling while having a new support network close at hand.


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